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App review by Patricia Monticello Kievlan, Common Sense Education | Updated March 2015
Privacy Camp

Privacy Camp

Limited features lessen impact of solid online privacy insights

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Pros: Videos on privacy bring important lessons to young kids.

Cons: The lack of control over the videos limits their usefulness.

Bottom Line: A nice conversation starter about important privacy concerns, but teachers will need to look elsewhere for more depth or detail.

Parents and teachers can use the videos as great conversation starters. Have kids do a warm-up discussion about each topic, predicting what their ideas are for good online safety habits, sharing, app use, privacy, and digital citizenship. Watch a video, then discuss what you saw. Have kids make posters of the tips and catchy slogans they hear, and consider posting these slogans in the classroom or at home.

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Privacy Camp is a series of five short animated videos that explore important themes about online privacy for young children. Each video explores a theme: "Secure for Sure" offers easy tips to stay safe online; "Sharing with Care" discusses best practices for sharing text, images, and videos online; "How to React to Your App" cautions against oversharing and in-app purchases; "Mind Others' Privacy" alerts students to the importance of permission when sharing images or videos of others; and "Manners Matter" addresses good and bad online interactions, including cyberbullying. The videos all include big-picture insights about the theme at hand, a series of important tips, and a catchy one-liner to remind kids of that video's central insight. After watching each video, users earn a gold star.

The videos are approachably short: They clock in at less than a minute each, and the catchy one-liners that conclude each one (like "being polite just feels right") are approachable and appropriate for the target age range. The themes on offer here are great, too; there's a nice focus on digital life as an ongoing conversation between kids and their parents, and it's helpful to have such plainspoken advice about topics that can be tough for parents to broach with their kids, or teachers to broach with their students.

Unfortunately, there are some missing features one would expect to find here: The videos don't show a progress bar to indicate how long the videos are, and there's no captioning or pause options. These options would be a big help, since the child narrator of the videos talks very quickly, and it's easy for even a fluent adult English speaker to miss some of the good content that appears. In addition to more control over video playback, it would be great if kids could save or revisit the tips or slogans later, perhaps by saving them for future reference within the app or sharing them to another app. Overall, Privacy Camp has some solid insights, but families seeking more flexible features should look elsewhere.

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The videos have good visual style and catchy one-liners about online safety, but beyond these videos there's not much on offer.


The info here is solid: These are stellar tips for kids, delivered in a kid's voice, with age-appropriate content. More features for revisiting the text, taking notes, or reflecting on these insights would be a welcome improvement.


The narrator talks fast, and there's no way to pause or add caption text. Some users might find it hard to understand and retain the information on offer. 

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Videos are a Great Starting Point to Digital Citizenship Lessons
These videos cover basic topics essential to student safety in a digital society. The child narrator and supporting animations will keep students engaged while they are watching. The five videos are short enough keep the viewer attentive and topics are appropriately chunked (Protecting Yourself and Your Information; What to Share and not Share Online; How Much to Share with an App; Respecting the Privacy of Others; and Online Manners). If I were considering using the app on it's own, I would say ...
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