Teacher Review for Notability

Great and versatile Notebook app

David H. C.
Technology coordinator
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Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Homework
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Special needs
How I Use It
Notability is a great app for the students with visual impairment I work with. It allows them to link notes they take in class, either typed in or handwritten, with the related homework assignments. Even better, they can import PDFs, whether they are provided by the teacher or if they are scanned in from a hard copy, and magnify the text to the desired level within Notability, usually to a sufficient level that they don't need to use Zoom. The students can even write directly on the PDF to complete the assignment in the app and hand in their completed work digitally with ease. Notability also helps with organization. The student can make subjects within the app and use it as a complete notebook replacement.
My Take
I find Notability to be much more versatile than Evernote. While Evernote is free, to get the full benefit the user needs to subscribe to unlock features which are included in the $2.99 price of Notability. iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox integration is great but the only drawback I find is that there is not a companion desktop app (the only true advantage Evernote may have over Notability) to make the work seamless across platforms. The students love being able to write directly on the work sheets, especially when they magnify the space on math sheets so they can show their work then shrink it back down to the regular size and still read what they have written.