Teacher Review for Nearpod

Great interactive presentation platform to make typical direct instruction more interactive.

Jason G.
Classroom teacher
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My Subjects Math, Science
My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
Great for Homework
Knowledge gain
Teacher-led lessons
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
How I Use It
When introducing new concepts in high school math (Algebra and Geometry), I started using transferring and converting my presentations in Google Slides to Nearpod to add interactivity. The ability to embed polls, quizzes and even drawings helps me stick to my 10-2 rule (talk for no more than 10 minutes before letting students talk or do something for at least 2 minutes). My students really like it, and some of them often request it. As a Google Apps school, I still keep my original notes and presentations in Google Docs (slides), but I can easily export them as a PDF and drag and drop them into Nearpod. The free version is sufficient for some, but I quickly realized that I wanted to upgrade to the Gold account for more storage and other features. The free (silver) account has a limit of 50MB, while the gold takes you up to 3GB. Also, Nearpod includes the ability to add video, but depending on school bandwidth limitations, you may not be able to have all students in a class streaming the same video at once.
My Take
I really like Nearpod, and I highly recommend it. While it is probably more beneficial during teacher-led direct instruction, it allows for the opportunity to shift the focus back to the students quite often. Also, the ability to include regular and frequent formative assessments is great. Nearpod tool can improve student participation and engagement, because only the teacher sees individual student responses, and controls what gets shared back to the rest of the class. Also, the fact that students can literally join in on a session or presentation without having to create a separate Nearpod account is great. Students just enter the unique session id, and they're in. One thing, however, that might turn teachers off is the cost. As previously mentioned, the free version is great, but a teacher can easily eat up the 50MB of storage with a dozen presentations. If the school is not willing to pay for an individual teacher subscription for a premium account, the $10/month cost might be a bit prohibitive for some.