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App review by Elizabeth Lambert, Common Sense Education | Updated October 2016
My Study Life - School Planner

My Study Life - School Planner

Organizational tool makes managing complex schedules a cinch

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Pros: Easy-to-use interface allows students to stay organized and on top of class expectations effectively.

Cons: Students must be compelled to enter the information on their own; rewards and a social experience are missing.

Bottom Line: If they can make it a habit, students will love staying on top of assignments and test dates with this handy, pocket-sized "personal assistant."

Teachers can encourage students to use My Study Life - School Planner in place of paper calendars or agendas. Since the app is available on so many platforms, students will always have access to their personal schedules no matter what device they have access to. Be sure to have students meet class expectations by setting alerts, and remind them to encourage each other to "keep at it."

With My Study Life, challenge students to take charge of their own learning and stay on top of class meeting dates and when due dates are approaching for projects and tests. Excuses stemming from disorganization issues may be lessened or eliminated completely with this easy-to-use scheduling tool.

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My Study Life - School Planner takes a student's class list, assignments, test dates, and to-do list items and organizes them all into one very easy-to-use app. To get started, create an account using either an email address and a password or a Facebook, Google+, or Windows 365 account. A self-guided tour helps to familiarize users with the app's features.

Select the defaults for your class start times and durations, and then you're on your way to customizing your schedule. After setting up your new academic year, create your first class by filling in the blanks for the subject, room number, building title, teacher, days occurring, and so on. After all classes are entered, assignments and due dates for each class can be imported; you can also import things such as to-do lists, upcoming exams, and even important reminders.

If students use My Study Life - School Planner with consistency, it has the potential to build time-management skills. Although this tool doesn't specifically focus on one certain subject area, it does help students to be more successful in all their classes by keeping them organized and on top of assignments, tests, and important due dates.

It would be nice if My Study Life provided extra motivations for students to stay organized, such as digital rewards and badges, or the opportunity to share with other students. Still, the intuitive interface, self-guided tour, and FAQ all help to support students develop healthy habits; missing important dates may no longer be an issue.

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Engagement Would it motivate students and hold their interest? Is it visually appealing? Would it inspire teachers to try something new or change their instruction?

The interface is organized and intuitive; still, that may not be enough for students to keep them coming back. Given the opportunity to view class schedules, assignments, and task dates, juggling multiple classes is effortless.

Pedagogy Does the tool help teachers promote a more student-centered experience? Will students gain conceptual understanding or think critically? Does it deepen teachers’ pedagogical thinking?

Productivity is the main goal of My Study Life. Students will learn very valuable time-management and organizational skills the more they use this product on a daily basis.

Support Can students and teachers get assistance when they need it? Is it created with people of different abilities and backgrounds in mind? Is learning reinforced and extended beyond the digital experience?

With links to a self-guided tour, a blog, and a FAQ page, students will be able to find answers to their questions with ease. Online rewards and opportunities for social sharing could make the experience more useful. 

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Elizabeth Lambert Classroom teacher

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