Teacher Review for My Molecularium

Fun concept but needs more work.

My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It No
My Students Learned No
I Would Recommend It No
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Further application
How I Use It
I could use it for the students to learn the different atoms that make up different molecules and to see the structure of the molecules. The graphics were cute and had a cute "adventure" type introduction. Once game play started it is a leveling up type game where you have to create a molecule before you move on to the next level.
My Take
The idea is great but the app needs work. I was only able to get to level 5 and the atoms were not able to shoot out to the display area. The player had a choice of atoms that they shoot out to the display area creating the molecule that the level requested. The problem is that it does not require too much learning as when you pick an atom a shadow appears so the student knows that they picked the right atom. The student would not necessarily need to know which atom it was. Then the atoms were "shot" out and it moved really slow and was hard to aim. The concept is great for beginners level but I was not able to go far enough to see if it gets better.