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App review by Debbie Gorrell, Common Sense Education | Updated April 2016
My Incredible Body

My Incredible Body

Stunning graphics, video, animations highlight info-rich anatomy app

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Pros: Graphics are realistic and beautifully done, and information is perfectly detailed for young learners.

Cons: Individual accounts cannot be created, so quiz scores can't be saved.

Bottom Line: Incredible graphics and a wealth of information make this reference tool a top-notch anatomy resource.

This anatomy resource would be an excellent supplement to a unit on the human body. Before teaching a specific body system, have students use the app to freely explore that system. Students can work in pairs or small groups, but make sure everyone has an opportunity to access the relevant information. You could also use the app as a resource for a class project. Students can investigate a specific body system and then create an illustrated poster or digital slide show to summarize what they learned.

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Editor's Note: My Incredible Body is no longer available.

The home screen for My Incredible Body has a clean, simple layout. Students choose from eight icons, each of which represent a different area of the human body. Information is broken down into the eight body systems -- brain and nervous, digestive, respiratory, skeletal, urinary, muscular, and circulatory -- and the senses (the reproductive system is available for the PC/Mac version and as an in-app purchase for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch).

Tap an icon to start, and information is presented as on-screen text with optional audio output and as animated video clips. Tap various areas of an organ to learn more about its structure and function, and rotate organs to get a 3-D view. Tap the rocket icon to go on a virtual journey through a specific body part. 

Students can gain a wealth of knowledge about the human body through virtual exploration in this interactive, content-rich anatomy resource. Students are empowered to explore and learn at their own pace as they read, listen, view animations, and rotate graphics to study the structure and function of the human body and how its systems interact.

The developer's website provides parents and teachers with several 20-minute enrichment activities, including worksheets and ebooks, and a YouTube tutorial is available to orient adults to the app's features. Quizzes are also included for each of the seven body systems. The quizzes are scored immediately after students finish them, but there's no way to track individual progress.  

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Kids will be fascinated and engaged by realistic 3-D images and animations. 


Content is age-appropriate and clearly presented in both text and audio formats. Quizzes support learning. 


Navigation is intuitive, but a tutorial is available to orient adults to the app's features. The developer's website provides several enrichment activities; access to additional activities requires an email address. 

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Juliana K. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Loma Linda Academy
Loma Linda, United States
A fun way to engage students!
I found this app to be very helpful to students. It could be used to introduce a new lesson and provide additional information through pictures and diagrams to help students gain a better understanding of the topics.
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