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App review by Leslie Crenna, Common Sense Education | Updated March 2013
Multiplication Genius

Multiplication Genius

Gentle, no-frills times table practice

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Pros: Gentle feedback and no distractions.

Cons: It would be nice to do something other than times tables, and there’s not quite enough enticement to keep playing.

Bottom Line: Free, no-frills multiplication test app works for kids needing a quiet, gentle environment.

Multiple user profiles and some kind of progress tracking would be an improvement for classroom use, although kids could benefit from 5- to 10-minute blocks of straight practice. The banner ads are nearly always present, and although they're relatively unobtrusive, there really should be an option to pay to remove the ads.

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Multiplication Genius is an effective but no-frills multiplication practice and test app. Students can select any combination of factors from 2 to 12 in practice mode but are tested on all in test mode. For each problem, students get 20 seconds. Answers given within two seconds get a "Perfect"; those within six get a "Good!"; and those within seven to 20 get a "So So." Incorrect answers or failure to answer elicit a cute audio "uh-oh," and the correct answer flashes.

On the main menu, kids can choose to review times tables (in a list format), to practice, or to play a game. In practice mode, kids choose any combination of factors (for instance, they can test themselves just on 2s), then proceed to play. Game mode presents random expressions and four multiple-choice answers. The score displays at the bottom of the screen, where kids can also see what question they're on and how much time they have left (they start with 20 seconds).

Through practice and testing, kids will assess their knowledge of multiplication facts and learn correct answers for ones they haven't mastered yet. High scores will keep some kids testing endlessly, as there are no levels or other data, but others may get bored. Times tables are provided, unlike with some other calculation apps, which is OK for skip counting memorization but less useful than the table format for seeing patterns.

If the app included division, and possibly addition and subtraction, it would provide a bit more useful depth. Levels or a reward system would provide a bit more closure and motivation as well.

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Simple graphics, cute audio, and gentle feedback all work, but high scores are not enough to draw kids in. The design feels unpolished.


Kids are empowered to focus on specific factors. A more responsive interface that leveled up could keep kids playing.


Providing more data on kids' progress would give Multiplication Genius a boost. It is a good app for easily distracted kids, although the banner ads can detract from the experience.

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Denise C. , Media specialist/librarian
Media specialist/librarian
Carson Elementary School
San Diego, United States
Better than flashcards for rote practice of times-tables.
This app was installed on an Ipad and tested by 5th grade and 3rd grade students. Overall, students enjoyed the colorful interface and the positive feedback when questions are answered correctly. Students are prompted to answer simple multiplication problems within a time limit. My 5th grader felt it was below grade level and my 3rd grader felt it was right on grade level.
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