Teacher Review for Motion Math: Hungry Fish

Great app for letter recognition with preschool age children.

Sheila S.
Classroom teacher
Novi High School
Novi, United States
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My Students Liked It Yes
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Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Further application
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Great with Advanced learners
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How I Use It
I used this product during our ocean week to reinforce math objectives. The children loved feeding the numbers to the fish. The app reinforces the concept of addition as the children have to add numbers to feed the fish. The most exciting thing for the children was watching the fish get larger as it was fed the correct number. Great positive reinforcement. The children also were required to use finger isolation as they move the number bubbles around to feed the fish.
My Take
In my opinion the app was really a fun learning tool that can be incorporated into a lesson in order to help reinforce number recognition. I liked the fact that the child had to find the number many times and feed the fish. It was fun watching each child's face light up as the fish got larger when they fed it the correct number. This positive reinforcement encouraged them to play more. They also had to add some numbers up in order to equal the same number on the fish, which gave them an introduction and some reinforcement into the concept of addition. The one thing I think the app was missing was the opportunity to say the number as it appeared so the children could also hear what the number was as it appeared on the screen, then it would be more reinforcement audibly as well as visually. This app also helps with finger isolation as the child has to use one finger to move the bubbles to the fish.