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More Trucks -- By Duck Duck Moose
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More Trucks -- by Duck Duck Moose

Fun on-ramp to learning about motion, transportation, and more

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Pros: The real-life motions and sounds made by the vehicles will likely delight preschoolers.

Cons: More verbal instructions on two of the games could avoid any confusion for preschoolers.

Bottom Line: High-quality visuals and sounds on four easy games makes for fun preschool play with transportation in motion.

In the classroom, this app can help pre-reading kids learn a bit about sequencing, order, and thinking and reasoning, especially if teachers ask questions related to what the vehicles look like and how they are moving. For example, as kids load the vehicles onto the flatbed truck, teachers can point out the different shapes and colors of the cars and trucks they are loading. Also, there's a sequence of events that must happen before kids can crush cars at the dump with the giant dinosaur foot. Ask kids about this sequence to see if they recall what has to happen first, second, third, and so on.

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This is the second app about trucks by the developer, Duck Duck Moose. It has four main games built into four scenes -- Monster Truck, Fire Truck, Flatbed Tow Truck and Junkyard, and Crane and Construction Site. Kids choose one of four scenes and then listen to the instructions. For the Monster Truck scene, kids tap a truck and then drive it by pressing and holding a back or forward arrow button to move it or an up arrow to jump it to collect coins. In the Fire Truck scene, kids play tic-tac-toe and then fight a fire -- deciding where to spray the water. For the Tow Truck, kids swipe vehicles onto a flatbed to move them to the junkyard where they can help crush them. At the Construction Site, kids pickup shapes and build a tower to knock down.

One of the most dynamic aspects of this app is that the trucks and cars move, bump and roll in ways that are surprisingly similar to real life vehicles and the machine-related noises are also very realistic. Also, the background music includes diverse tunes, from jazz to Latin and surf and the narrator is a 12-year-old boy so the instructions sound friendly and relatable for kids.

More Trucks -- by Duck Duck Moose is a lightly educational, play-with-motion app for preschoolers and, perhaps, kids in kindergarten. This app will likely especially appeal to those kids who are interested in monster trucks, fire-fighting trucks, and crushing cars.

Kids can learn a little bit about motion, stacking, sequencing, problem solving, and shapes, all while following directions. There's also a tic-tac-toe game that kids can play against the firehouse dog, which teaches beginning strategy. More Trucks -- by Duck Duck Moose is like an on-ramp of fun that kids can take toward learning. Basic lessons in movement, shapes, and problem solving are built into the games, but the app's focus is having fun with vehicles.

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Bright, interactive games are full of colorful cars, trucks, cranes, and more. Each of the four scenes looks and plays very differently, so kids can explore and find the games they like best.


Kids learn through play and observation. Kids also will learn if parents, caregivers, and teachers use the bright visuals to engage kids with questions about what they're seeing and doing during fun gameplay.


Verbal instructions and visuals (such as arrows for moving in different directions) help kids navigate each game. The Monster Truck game provides a numerical total to let kids know how many coins they've earned. 

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Dana Villamagna Classroom teacher

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Erin W. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Simple game to amuse preschoolers, although it is not very educational.
While this app was in the "educational" section, I did not find many educational components. It does work on hand eye coordination, and reaction time (as most video games do), it also minimally involves counting as children can earn gold coins and there is a running tally of said coins. So while I wouldn't use this app as a teaching tool, it certainly could be used as a reward or break time activity.
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