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Montessori Geometry - Recognize And Learn Shapes
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Montessori Geometry - Recognize and learn shapes

Clever games help kids name shapes and identify them in the real world

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Pros: Colorful graphics and clever games help kids learn how to identify shapes and how shapes relate to one another.

Cons: Navigation is not entirely intuitive, so kids will likely need guidance as they decide which features to explore.

Bottom Line: Kids get a fun introduction to geometry, which sets the stage for more advanced learning.

Montessori Geometry - Recognize and learn shapes is a fun way to get students interested in and excited about geometry. Start by having them explore shape names in the Geometric Cabinet. Once students explore a shape, they can tap the airplane icon to identify the shapes within a travel scene. Come together as a class and have students identify the same shapes in their own environment, and extend learning by having them draw a creative scene that includes at least four hidden shapes. The games would also be fun to use in classroom learning centers.

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Montessori Geometry - Recognize and learn shapes is an interactive tool that teaches students how to recognize and name shapes. On the main page, students can access four learning opportunities: Geometric Cabinet, 3-D, Shape Glossary, and Games. Points earned, settings, and the adult section can be accessed as well. In the Geometric Cabinet, students complete puzzles to learn the names of shapes, from basic to more complex. When they tap the airplane icon, students "travel" to a city and identify shapes found in a real-world scene. In the 3-D feature, they can view and manipulate three-dimensional figures. The Shape Glossary includes pictures and shape definitions, and Games includes sequencing, matching, and identification activities and quizzes. Students earn points that automatically transform into medals. 

Montessori Geometry is an excellent introduction to geometry that helps students make the connection between shapes and the real world. Through interactive games and concrete resources like a glossary, students learn how to name and recognize shapes that range from simple circles to more complex curvilinear figures. The activities build on skills students learn as they play. For example, in the Geometric Cabinet, they build vocabulary by learning the names of shapes, then apply what they've learned by identifying the shapes in a real-world scene. Students will be engaged and challenged by the variety of activities offered in this smart, colorful app. 

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Smart graphics and a variety of activities get students interested in learning, and finding shapes in real-world scenes is lots of fun.


If followed in order, the activities progress from concrete to abstract. This is an effective way to teach geometry, as kids first learn the names of shapes, and then learn how to identify shapes and how shapes are related to one another.


Kids can easily keep track of points earned, and an adult section explains the learning concepts and goals. The shape glossary is a great reference tool.

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