Teacher Review for Mission US: Think Fast! About the Past

This is a nice companion app for the Mission US Series

Andrew W.
Technology coordinator
Erie 1 BOCES
West Seneca, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
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How I Use It
The Think Fast App is specifically designed to be a companion app for the Mission US Website games. There are now 4 Missions (Leveled Games) However, at the moment the there are only two missions represented in the App. The Revolutionary War Themed Game: For Crown and Colony, and the Underground Railroad themed game (Flight To Freedom). After the students have completed any of the first two "Missions" they can use this App to review some of the major history concepts and narrative features that they should have learned or experienced in the games. This app is ideally designed as a way to have students reflect on their learning. The students enjoyed using the app for the after Mission review. It sets up quickly and they get right to the multiple choice questions. It has a timing clock so it offers a challenge for speed and keeps them focused on the task at hand. The app really works well as a check for understanding review for 1-1 student review. Directions are easy to follow and they are engaged with the questions right away. Long term use and engagement is by design, limited. So this will not be an app that the students come back to again and again. So in theory, teachers could remove the app after the term of study is completed. The design of this app is multiple choice question and answer, but don't be misled into thinking that the overall assessment is superficial. The Mission US has an incredible amount of valuable content and teaching resources so the fact that the app is knowledge based doesn't mean that the overall learning is superficial. Overall, the students that worked with this enjoyed the review for short term review and engagement.
My Take
Used for its intended purpose I think this app is a wonderful companion piece to the Mission US program. This is an incredible series of history based learning environments and the app does the yeoman's job of meeting the expectations of the learning outcomes, namely to assess the history understandings from the missions. I am hoping that as they develop more Missions that the app will include these other learning objectives. As it stands there are 4 missions developed and only 2 represented in the app. Hopefully this will be developed soon so that teachers can have access to the full compliment of learning opportunities. Combined with the website based learning missions this is an outstanding program that I think deserves widespread acclaim and credit.