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Math Workout
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Math Workout

Surprisingly fun daily fluency and speed drills with progress tracking

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Pros: A variety of levels and games will keep kids challenged for years of skills development.

Cons: The lack of teacher dashboard means it's harder to monitor student progress.

Bottom Line: Speed, accuracy, and fun join forces in this daily math practice app.

In the paid version, six students can keep records of their progress on the same device, so you could use Math Workout in small groups for daily practice while working one on one or in groups with other students, and still see the students’ progressions. To keep the sports analogies going (workout, get it?), you could create a March Madness-type contest, having students compete against each other in various math skills until a winner emerges.

The app tracks kids’ high scores and charts their progress on a graph. It offers easy, medium, and hard levels of challenge, and kids can choose to answer quizzes of 10, 20, or 50 questions.

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Math Workout is an app that makes daily practice of math facts easy to do anywhere, anytime. Kids get immediate feedback on right and wrong answers. The practice encourages speed, and kids are docked five seconds for each incorrect answer. They then see a report of the number of problems they missed and were docked time on, the number correct, and their time.

Students can work on any of the four mathematical functions or mix them up. They can take on additional challenges involving multi-step problems or see how they rank against the best players in the world. You can choose between addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, or mixed-function quizzes, or  play an arcade-like challenge called "Math Blaster.” The "Brain Cruncher" is an advanced challenge, offering students a multiple-part problem that uses various operations. In the "Online World Challenge," students can try to beat the daily high score. The options menu includes two additional areas of practice –- a verbal math quiz and multiplication tables practice. Players can choose difficulty level –- easy, medium, or hard –- but must pass easier levels before choosing harder ones.


The variety of challenges, as well as the depth, will keep kids at many levels challenged and engaged. Within the app, students are frequently reminded of the importance of daily math practice and are encouraged to play daily to give their brains a workout. Kids will enjoy competing against each other or top-scoring math experts, and the games are varied and fun. An extra-good area to explore: The multiplication-table quizzes offered in the main menu give students an easy way to memorize multiplication facts and build recall speed.

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Primary colors are pleasant but not distracting. Kids can choose a variety of quiz formats or play the arcade-like game for math practice.


The app offers practice with all four operations plus combined operations. The levels of challenge are suitable for many abilities, and daily practice promotes real, deep learning.


Focus here is all about "skill and drill," not so much about instruction, but help is available if needed.

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Michelle S. , Special education instructor
Special education instructor
Los Angeles County Office of Education
Downey, United States
Alternative for traditional rote math practice
Overall I give this app 3 stars. There are so many rote math practice apps available in the market, I didn't find any features that made this one stand out other than its appearance. I work in a Special Education high school classroom, so many apps for practice of basic skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are geared toward engaging a younger audience. This app has a much more mature appearance. However, there is not much students can do other than drill and practice. Settin ...
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