Teacher Review for Licking Letters

Colorful, fun, and engaging for very young learners that really only teaches sight recognition of alphabet, but also provides practice of cognitive and tactile skills.

Susan R.
Classroom teacher
Lebanon High School
Lebanon, United States
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I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Individual
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Great with ELL
Low literacy
Special needs
How I Use It
This app is really only appropriate for sight recognition of the english alphabet, and eye hand coordination. It might be useful as letter recognition practice and repetitive practice activities. Although, Licking Letters does provide practice for other cognitive and tactile skills as well.
My Take
Licking Letters is for very young learners and really only teaches letter sight recognition. However, a few other cognitive and tactile skills are required to play Licking Letters that provide a multi-sensory practice such as; eye-hand coordination, memory, and some higher level thinking (again, really only for very early or young learners) in the use of remembering letters to find and selecting the appropriate letter at the moment the frog can lick it, recall, matching, and spatial skills to name a few. In the reward games, Licking Letters also utilizes memory practice, and the connection between remembering instructions to appropriately play the game over the short term. There are two basic levels in Licking Letters: Selecting the letters in the order they are presented; and, selecting letters in random order. The second option requires much higher level thinking skills in that learners in that sequencing of the order is now slightly skewed. Licking letters is a simple game that provides a few options; letters in sequence or not, sound or not, uppercase only or not, and rewards. Licking Letters should not be mistaken for a spelling game, as spelling is not the objective.