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App review by Stacy Zeiger, Common Sense Education | Updated March 2014
Lensoo Create

Lensoo Create

Create multimedia presentations with back-to-basics virtual whiteboard

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Pros: Simple design and limited tools make it easy for kids to quickly jot down ideas and create multimedia presentations.

Cons: Lack of unique tools and simple design may leave kids wanting more.

Bottom Line: Offers an easy way to create presentations or take notes, particularly for low-level learners or those with special needs.

Teachers without an interactive whiteboard in their classrooms will appreciate Lensoo Create for its simplicity. By hooking up their device to a screen, teachers can present notes and other information to students quickly and easily. The ability to share what they create also makes it easy for teachers to email notes to students or share information for them to review for homework or to help them prepare for a big test. Teachers will also appreciate the simplicity of the app when it comes to having students respond to short writing prompts or to complete bell-ringer activities and informative assessments. Students can even email their creations to their teacher, making it easier to look over the work and track student progress.

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Editor's Note: Lensoo Create is no longer available.

Like many virtual whiteboards, Lensoo Create gives users a blank screen and allows them to write, type, draw, and add photos as they take notes or create presentations. In this case, users also can add audio recordings to their presentations. And they can save their individual whiteboards as PDF documents to make them easier to transfer to, and present on, other devices. Because of its simple design and few tools, users will find this whiteboard is fairly intuitive -- click the red circle to record an audio file, select the image icon to add a picture, or click the paintbrush to write. For simple tasks, it does a quality job.

Despite the ability to add audio recordings and save whiteboards as PDF files, Lensoo Create seems simpler and offers less than most other virtual whiteboard apps. The simplicity and lack of unique tools may fail to excite and engage most students, but these same features make it ideal for special-needs students, low-level learners, and others who find themselves overwhelmed by a complex design or a multitude of tools.

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A simple design and absence of cool tools may limit kid appeal.


Encourages creation through writing, drawing, and speaking, as well as sharing information with others.


Offers such features as a microphone and drawing tools, making it accessible to different types of learners.

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Bobbi G. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Santa Fe South Charter High School
Oklahoma City, United States
Simple Whiteboard App
I've played around with several similar apps to this one, and this app is very limited. However, If all you are needing is a simple whiteboard app, this is a great choice. I find that the simplicity helps some of my students who get distracted by all the bells and whistles of other apps stay focused.
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