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Charlotte C.
Horace Mann School for the Deaf
Allston, United States
Daniela B.
Cedar Ridge Elementary School
Columbia, United States
Submitted December 19, 2018
Zachary K.
Longfellow Elementary
Sheboygan, United States
Mrs. J.
Marie Hughes Elementary
Albuquerque, United States
Deanna J.
South Park Elementary School
Pueblo, United States
Emily M.
Good Shepherd Catholic School
Glenside, United States
William McKinley Elementary
Colton, United States
Submitted September 28, 2018
Jaime F.
Loomis Basin Charter
Loomis, United States
Marilyn M.
Pieter B Coeymans School
Coeymans, United States
Submitted May 24, 2018
Julie K.
Lannon Elementary School
Lannon, United States
Carrie C.
Andersen Elementary
Bayport, United States
Submitted March 5, 2018
Jeanette K.
Whitaker Elementary School
Cincinnati, United States
Submitted March 5, 2018
Jardin de Niños d.
Jardín de niños del Golfo de México
Orizaba, Mexico
Joy B.
H.L. Beeler Elementary School
Marlton, United States
Ashley W.
North Side Elementary School
Johnson City, United States
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