Teacher Review for Kodable

Excellent introduction to logic, programming and robotics

Phil B.
Technology coordinator
ASD, Doha, Qatar
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I can't say enough good things about this app. It gives a solid and enjoyable introduction to the concepts of computer programming without being technical and is accessible to really young students because of it's format. The skills it develops are easily transferred in my case to the WeDo software, but would just as easily work with for example, Scratch.
My Take
I teach a robotics class to grade 2 students which involves them making a robot from Lego then writing a program to control it. I struggled for a long time with a way to introduce the idea of using a limited range of instructions in a step-by-step sequence. But once I came across this app my problem was solved. First it has a cute scenario, involving fluffy things; the interface is simple and clutter-free and for each stage there are simple built-in tutorials which don't contain any verbal instructions. I've used it many times with and without other introductory activities and it performs it's functions perfectly and It's an app that students often want to download themselves to use at home.