Teacher Review for Kids ABC Letters

Another Basic Letters App

Rachel B.
Classroom teacher
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My Students Liked It No
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I Would Recommend It No
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Individual
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Special needs
How I Use It
I used this app with a group of preschool students in a small group setting. At first they were intrigued by the app itself, its activities, and the games, but they grew bored with it more quickly than I would have though. To make up for the lack of phonics in the game itself, I supplemented that in along with the app itself so that the students would receive a more well-rounded lesson. At least the students were also getting practice in tablet use and handling with this app, which is required as part of their standards. In the future I plan to use this app with students who may need a quick refresher course, or another way of completing a lesson, but it's not something I would use daily in the classroom. The lack of change in how the app works overall would most likely make the app seem duller and less appealing to students as time wears on.
My Take
This is yet another basic letters app for preschoolers that is better suited for the home environment than the school environment. It gives students very basic practice on recognizing, forming, and naming letters, but it doesn't include the soudns or phonics. You have to purchase another app from this company's series in order to do that. With this app being 3.99 in the app store, you would think you'd get more bang for your buck, but sadly you don't. Having to purchase a separate app to challenge students further seems more like a profits-based goal than anything. As a learning tool, it's okay for students who may need some more individual practice with their letters, especially struggling pre-readers or ELL students. It's not super flashy, and there's no change in how things are done, so students will get bored with it after a time. It's a good introduction to the basics, and it's a good app to use to teach students basic tablet skills, such as the drag and drop. Other than that though, it's better left for home, and not school.