Teacher Review for K-12 Periodic Table

Pocket Periodic Table- Notes on the Go!

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I like this periodic table because it is not just an image like a student could get from google images, but instead it is an interactive periodic table. I like that I can ask the students a chemistry fact about an element and they are able to respond back with the correct answer, ALONG with a reason. For example, when a student clicks on an element the table will tell the student everything about the element chemically, and it will connect the element to real life usages. I LOVE THIS part about the table. If you want to know the melting point of an element it is nice that the student can find a use for the element and image that it might have a high or low melting point. I love connecting the elements to real life. Chemistry, science in general, can be very abstract. I love it when we can show the students how this element relates to our everyday life, or where it is found in nature. It draws the student in, and helps them make rational hypothesis in our classroom. This periodic table is really great for all ages. I would highly reccommend this app!
My Take
I love the periodic table app!! The reason I love the periodic table app is because I cannot tell you how many times I have asked students to bring their textbooks to class, to bring a paper print off of the periodic table that I have provided for them (even laminated at times), and how they always forget them. I have found that for whatever reason, the students can always seem to remember to bring their electronics. This is such a good teaching tool for me because it gets me points on using technology in the classroom, it automatically peaks the students' interest because they get to use their own device, and they want to hear directions so they can use their device. The only negative thing I can say about the extremely practical device is that it does not always appear the same on every type of device. I think this may be a kink they are working out, but it still was not a huge deal. I would like it if the students were able to see the entire periodic table on the device at once, no matter what size their device is, and to have the ability to zoom in on certain areas. Most kids were able to do this on the iPad and kindle fire, but the galaxy tablet seemed to have issues loading the entire table on the screen. I think the benefits of always having a periodic table way outweigh the screen sizing issues though.