Teacher Review for IXL - Math and English

Don't keep paying for this! There is a better way!

Herold H.
Postsecondary student
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My Students Liked It No
My Students Learned No
I Would Recommend It No
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
How I Use It
How would I use this product to teach/learn? Easy answer: I wouldn't.
My Take
IXL is a frustrating and tedious way to learn. Why? Because of the websites "SmartScore" system that uses advanced "algorithms" and whatnot. All that really happens is the more you move on the less points you get for a question answered correctly and more points for a question answered incorrectly. For example, at the beginning you get 10 points for a question answered correctly, then, at 20%, you get 8 points, and at 30% you get 7 points, etc. At 90%, you loose at least 7-10 points, and this is the most frustrating thing about the site. And what is the reward for succeeding? Pictures! Earn pictures of stuff to use on your profile picture that no one will see! And how are educators and school systems roped in? "Fun and easy way to learn" plastered all over the site. But anytime I bring this up around an adult, they just say "Its because you don't like learning." But that's not the case. I would switch to Khan Academy in a heartbeat if I wasn't using IXL. No frustration, and you earn REAL prizes, and there are a lot more classes that IXL could ever have, they even teach javascript! If you want to practice math, do Khan Academy, for the sake of your students. But don't do IXL ELA, Just find another site, but stop paying for IXL, its not worth your hard earned money.