Updated March 2015
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Wheatley D. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Warren Mott High School
Warren, MI
"Broadcast live to the web from a phone call"... if you can get the app to work. (Currently Out-of-Service)
This tool, when functional, could have great applications for teachers creating blended learning spaces or putting course content online in general. Being able to easily record audio lectures or directions and post to a class site would be helpful. As a language teacher, it would be fun to have students use iPadio to record themselves speaking in the target language and share to a class blog or something similar. Class broadcasts could be created, read-alouds might be fun, etc. However, since I am unable to access the app, I can only guess at the applications. I have no idea how user-friendly the app is, if students could safely access it, and so on. The website looks functional and easy to use, but there is no filtering of content as far as I can tell. This means swearing and whatever else users choose to include in their audio is posted on the stream. iPadio lists their app for ages 12+ on the App Store for this reason. Also, I am not sure if users are able to keep their content off of the company's site, which could be problematic as well. According to iTunes, the last update of iPadio was on Nov. 24, 2014. It is possible that the update caused issues for anyone not using an iPhone 6 or the version is buggy and no one has addressed those issues yet. I could not find any additional information from the company. In fact, the iPadio website still seems fully functional and includes links to the iPhone and Android versions of the app. If you want to post audio online, iPadio seems to have great potential, if you can get the app to work for you. Good luck!
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