Teacher Review for iMotion

iMotion: Life Cycles in Motion

Cathy P.
Media specialist/librarian
Pope John XXIII School, Evanston
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts
My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Creation
Further application
Knowledge gain
Small group
Student-driven work
Teacher-led lessons
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
Low literacy
Special needs
How I Use It
The students used iMotion to create a movie about the life cycles of the animals they had researched. The students created clay figures of the various stages of the life cycle, confining their creation to a foam circle which controlled the size of the clay shapes to miniature and to have a defined area to photograph. The students through trial and error refined their technique of adding the next stage of their life cycle and then taking a picture. The final product was a terrific stop motion movie of their animal's life cycle that was then shared.
My Take
This is a terrific tool that can be used across the curriculum. I reference a science project for this review but with the imagination of your students it can used in a variety of classroom activities. I first demonstrated the idea of stop motion by doing a simple origami movie-taking pictures of each step. That was the hook, students couldn't wait to create their own. They worked in small groups, doing the research and creating the clay figures. This project brought their science research to life. Students need to play with their knowledge by creating more memory hooks through various modalities to support their learning--plus it's fun!