Teacher Review for Google Cardboard

Good for edutainment & virtual field trips

John L.
College instructor
College Of Staten Island
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My Subjects Health & Wellness
My Rating
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time More than 15 minutes
Great for Individual
Whole class
Great with General
How I Use It
I didn't use this product in a classroom. I teach professional doctoral physical therapy students in a college environment so I'm not sure how it can be utilized in a primary or secondary school. I think it would be best used in these settings to take virtual field trips. When I was in this level of school, field trips were not common because of budget concerns and transportation. Now, I'm sure there are supervision level requirements that compound the difficulties present when I was a student. Therefore, I think this would be good for students to see other cities and museums without leaving their school. I also think this product would be a good way to incorporate edutainment. Most of the apps I tried like were more game than lesson and even though they have mostly entertainment value, children can learn while they are entertained. In my setting, I think this platform can be an alternative to gross anatomy human cadaver disection. In anatomy class, 4 or more students have to share a cadaver and spend more time cutting and moving the tissue than examining and understanding it. Also they do not have unlimited access to the cadaver. Doing a virtual dissection would allow the student to learn at their own pace.
My Take
My experience and rating was average for two reasons. The first reason was the difficulty setting up the tool to use. I found setting up the box and programming the settings a little difficult even though instructions were provided. Then I had trouble finding apps on the store that were compatible with or designed for the product. Lastly on this area, I think it would require class smart phones because every time I got an email, text, or call the gameplay was interrupted. My second area of concern was more personal as after I tried the educational apps (and a few of the pure entertainment ones) I felt quite dizzy and had a headache the rest of the day. I also get these symptoms when watching 3D movies in a theater, going on 3D rides or rapid moving ones at theme parks. I know I am in the minority of people who get these symptoms, but I also know it is not rare to get them. Other than those two reasons, I think this product is good for edutainment purposes. I felt that most of the apps I tried were more like games that teach rather than lessons that are entertaining.