Teacher Review for Geared 2!

Solve Problems and Fling a Rodent

Christine T.
Media specialist/librarian
North High School
Sioux City , United States
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Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
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How I Use It
"Geared 2! should be used as a direct application of learned concepts; however, it's also simply a good tool to teach problem solving. The one feature that intrigued me was the Level Editor: Players can create their own puzzle and when it works, they can share it for others to solve. Downside: when downloading different levels, you never know who created it. This feature is the one that I find most promising for the classroom."
My Take
"Okay, so I took a little vindictive pleasure at tossing the hamster/gerbil/rodent off of its wheel (actually it was a lot of pleasure especially when it took me 10 tries to place the gears correctly). Essentially, Geared 2! is a game that asks the player to correctly place cogs to connect to other cogs, thus increasing the speed at which all items turn. If the player does it correctly, the furry little rodent goes for a spin and gets tossed out of its wheel. Now, I'm not much of a gamer, but I got pulled into the game because I wanted to figure out how to win (much along the lines of Angry Birds--players complete the level at hand in order to get to the next level.) The game itself is pretty intuitive; players can see if the cogs fit as they turn green or they stay red. Advanced levels have cogs with arrows that move one direction if set free by moving another cog. Once they all connect, there goes the critter. As a teaching tool, Geared 2! could be used for problem solving, spatial relationships, and engineering applications. Students can keep their stats and track their improvement (this might be especially beneficial for SPED classrooms). I don't teach the science or math disciplines, but I believe there could be places in the curriculum that Geared 2! would be applicable as well. One note of caution: Cheats are readily available online... Even though the one I looked up didn't help me (Level 1, Screen 13), screen shots of ""the answers"" were too easy to find for me to comfortably recommend using this as a graded exercise."