Teacher Review for Fruity Fractions

Vibrant and relatable interactive for early fraction enthusiast.

Merve L.
Director of Education Outreach Vice President, Education Outreach & National Partnerships for Common Sense Education
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How I Use It
I used this particular product in two ways. For my 4 year old, I used this app as a practice tool for fractions to compliment the work we are doing with her at home . We already simulate pizza topings with some in-hand toys, but Fruity Fractions gives her a fun vibrant tools to apply our fraction concepts with another one of her favorite foods... Fruit! The app is easy to follow at her age and above, but it did take some time in the beginning to get through some of the initial text heavy instructions for her age. The second way I plan to use this tool is when I volunteer for my daughter's STEM weekend camp. I plan to project the game onto a screen and have students raise their hands to tell me what the fruit fraction represents as a traditional numerator/denominator fraction. First one with the right answer can drag and drop on the screen directly to illustrate/identify the fraction. The traditional numerator/denominator is introduced in the app (later on), but not as prevelant as the worksheets they practice with in class. Using the app this way helps me to translate the interactive from the app and back on to paper for the kids.
My Take
Overall the app is fun, easy to follow (once you get passed the intro text for younger kids), and has a gradual progression that applies the concept of fractions well. I see this as a great tool for both remedial and preparation as it keeps kids engaged, and provides just enough repetition to strengthen concepts. Depeding on how you use the timer info, the game can get kids really focused on wanting to beat their time and focusing, or it could discourage them if they notice they are taking too long compared to others. I generally will let kids know that we don't need to pay attention to the time when we are using the tool as a class. As an individual user though, it could be a good idea to let kids see the timer as learning factor for a minute or so to test their compfort with the material, but for my needs, I'm more focused in getting the concepts across at this point. Overall, we have many more levels to go with the tool, but it is starting off to be fun and effective for my daughter and the rest of ther k/1 split class.