Teacher Review for Field Trip

Tried it, Didn't like it

Julie C.
Technology coordinator
Falcon Creek Middle School
Aurora, United States
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My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It No
My Students Learned No
I Would Recommend It No
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Further application
Whole class
Great with General
How I Use It
I tried to use this product in my neighborhood and when I set it up, I chose no notifications. The app wouldn't register anything in my area. I tried to find assistance thinking I set it up incorrectly. After I reset it, the app had no items near me. I live half a mile from 2 historic buildings. I'm not sure if they aren't listed in Google. Since my school iPod is wireless only, this wouldn't work if we were out in the community.
My Take
I think it would be a great app if the student could put in a location, then see the nearby locations and events that happened there. I can see potential, but it needs work. It needs a database and the ability to find things by coordinates.