Teacher Review for Field Trip

A free Google app for smart phones that allows your students to locate points of interest based on your location.

Dianne J.
Media specialist/librarian
Maclay School
Tallahassee, United States
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How I Use It
This app allows you to locate points of interest when you are on an actual field trip. It does not appear to have a tablet app at this time. It features a map with gps locators, a "nearby" function that summarizes locales with images, notes, and descriptions, and notifications to locate places and landmarks when you are visiting a city. You must turn on the location setting of your phone and your gps is then shared with Google. The app notifies you when something interesting is nearby. If you wanted to take a virtual field trip and can't actually leave campus, there isn't a true search tool, so it won't replace the better virtual field trip apps. However, if you select your interests (architecture, history, unique landmarks and sites, arts and museums) you can then "visit" well known areas. There is an audio feature if you use a headset on your phone. So what works? The locations and notifications based on GPS. What doesn't work? Virtual field trips on anything other than well known landmarks and cities.
My Take
While I love the idea of this app, it can be misleading. To be created by Google, there is not a search tool, and it only works for the location you are physically at. If teachers and students are looking for virtual field trip apps, it has very limited capabilities, and I don't think it is the best that is out there. Basically, it is mimicking the gps location features of any smart phone map app. It does have a very good help feature, and the pop-up notifications are nice. However, the students that previewed it felt that they could simply use their Google app or phone map and get the same results. The best use would be for local history when you are off campus. It does work with Google Glass, but I don't know of any students who have that. It is better for middle and high school students as it isn't kid friendly. I believe that better app choices than FieldTrip would be City Map and Walks, which feature 470 cities worldwide for virtual tours.