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App review by Mieke VanderBorght, Common Sense Education | Updated March 2015
Feel Electric!

Feel Electric!

Express and identify emotions with hip Electric Company hosts

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Pros: A wide variety of emotion words open kids' horizons for expressing and recognizing emotions.

Cons: Games are weak and a bit repetitive.

Bottom Line: A fun way to get kids using emotion vocabulary and practicing expressing and identifying emotions.

Use Feel Electric! to help kids practice expressing themselves and describing how they're feeling. Kids should play individually, but get them to share and interact with others using what they learned from the app. Have kids create emotion stories, where they set up the motivations behind why they or someone else feels the way they do. When they pick their emotions for the day, have kids write down or dictate why they made those choices. What's making them feel, for example, thrilled, anxious, or furious? Kids can also act out emotions and have others guess what the emotion is, like in a game of charades. Or, help kids detect emotions in book, movie, or other story characters. How do characters feel at certain key points in the story? What emotions might be motivating characters to act the way they do? 

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Feel Electric! comes from the Sesame Workshop series, The Electric Company, and, which helps military families stay connected. In a variety of activities, kids learn about emotions, how to express their own, and how to recognize them in others. For example, every time kids open the app, they're invited to pick three words that describe how they're feeling. This gets logged in the Moodosphere where kids go to track how they feel over a period of time. Or, they can manipulate facial features on the Mood Dude to express an emotion, and create a Mad Libs-like emotion story. At any time, kids can scroll through 50 emotion words to hear definitions and see matching facial expressions. Three games test kids' ability to match those expressions to emotions. Finally, kids can explore emotion-themed photos, songs, and video clips from The Electric Company. Kids can also include their own photos and tag pictures with emotion words. Kids earn points for every activity they do.

Feel Electric! uses the talented and highly engaging Electric Company cast to encourage kids to identify and express their emotions. Just as the Electric Company is all about using the power of words, Feel Electric! aims to empower kids by arming them with a nuanced emotional vocabulary so they can have successful and rewarding social interactions. The mood diary, mood dictionary, and all the emotion talk in general are particularly nice ways to get kids in touch with emotions. The two hosts are wonderfully warm and inviting, and have great facial expressions showing a wide range of emotions. It would be nice to see some games that tap into a variety of concepts; as it is, all the games are about matching words to facial expressions, which makes them feel repetitive. The app was developed with military families in mind, but there's nothing in it that makes it specifically military-focused; this app is equally relevant and useful for everyone.

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The Electric Company cast is hip, fun, and engaging. There's also a variety of activities that should keep kids experimenting with expressing and identifying emotions.


Kids learn definitions for 50 emotion words and explore emotional awareness as they practice matching emotions with facial expressions. They also practice expressing their own emotions as they track how they feel each day they open the app.


All activities are clearly explained. Kids collect points for reading definitions, playing games, and more. All text in the app is read aloud so pre-readers can easily play, too.

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Counselor, psychologist, or social worker
Great interactive for identifying emotions in others
I enjoy using this app as a supplementary teaching tool after my students have gained foundational knowledge in emotion identification. I appreciate how the games built into the app encourage quick responses in order to generalize and process facial expressions at increased response rates. While one of the games is entertaining for my students, I find it to be a bit redundant: this game is a madlib type game, which could be useful when identifying language components and identifying context clues but d ...
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