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App review by Patricia Monticello Kievlan, Common Sense Education | Updated September 2014


Eminently customizable rapid-response tool for the 1-to-1 classroom

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Pros: Flexible features and terrific progress-tracking offer an effective way to get immediate feedback.

Cons: Teacher-side features can take a long time to set up.

Bottom Line: A useful response tool for teachers who want a quick picture of what students know or think, but the wealth of features can be overwhelming.

ExitTicket is designed to be used on a classroom set of devices or on students’ personal devices; the developer’s website has tips and tricks for setting up both. Use ExitTicket before, during, and after class to gauge student progress and understanding.

Use the teacher dashboard to track student progress over time. Search the ExitTicket website for other educators’ shared tickets and integrate them into your existing lessons.

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Editor's Note: As of summer 2016, the features and functionality of ExitTicket now exist within Gooru

ExitTicket is a rapid-response tool that lets teachers instantly poll, survey, or test student knowledge via custom quizzes called tickets. Teachers can create their own tickets or browse a library of tickets created by other educators. Kids can take Launch tickets (to start class), Practice tickets (to check for understanding), and Exit tickets (to end class). Teachers can launch Projector Mode from their own devices to display students’ responses in real time.

In Teacher Mode, teachers can track and monitor students’ progress over multiple tickets, and customize their tickets. Tickets can contain multiple questions (multiple-choice, true/false, free-response), special characters (plain text, mathematical notation, images), and have limits on time or number of attempts. Questions can be aligned to standards, and teachers can pick a grading system (for example, percentage correct versus a rubric).

ExitTicket is useful for gathering simple feedback from students. If you need to quickly poll kids, test their knowledge before class, or measure it immediately afterward, this is an effective tool for almost any subject in middle school and above. Not a tool for testing deep learning or eliciting complex responses, it’s perfect for getting a quick sense of student understanding.

Teachers can customize every element of the students' experience. Even the developer page is exceptional: The FAQ section covers everything from troubleshooting the app for students to classroom management tips. The only drawback to all the features is that teachers have to make a lot of choices while creating their tickets, and that can seem daunting to new users. The free version comes with several built-in apps that are only available for a trial period.

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An attractive interface and instant feedback make this an appealing way to test for understanding.


The focus on meaningful, instant feedback offers excellent opportunities for dialogue, learning, and teaching.


Stellar teacher site and FAQ section offer inspiration, ideas, and practical help.

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Stephen Z. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Exit Ticket provides real time collaboration assessment! A great tool for teachers!
Personally, I think exit ticket is the best easiest and best app to use to conclude a lesson. The app allows to students to answer questions while providing them immediate feedback. My favorite thing about exit ticket is that when students answer questions incorrectly it can give them (customizable) feedback on why the answer they choose was incorrect and why there was a better answer. The kids love to use this application and look forward to collaborate with other students. The only downside is that pl ...
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