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App review by Debbie Gorrell, Common Sense Education | Updated June 2015
Everyday Mathematics Equivalent Fractions

Everyday Mathematics Equivalent Fractions

Fraction card game has potential, misses the mark for solid learning

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Pros: Playing the solitaire-style card game is fun.

Cons: There's no learning progression, progress tracking, or variety in gameplay.

Bottom Line: A good concept overall, but learning potential is limited.

Use Everyday Mathematics Equivalent Fractions for targeted practice in the classroom. If enough devices are available, kids should practice independently. Or, kids can take turns and keep track of their scores for each round that they play. Keep a class leaderboard and challenge kids to time each other as they play. See who can earn the highest score in the fastest time.

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Everyday Mathematics Equivalent Fractions is a card game for drilling equivalent fraction concepts. The main screen has three buttons: Kids tap the "Start" button to begin playing the game, the "How to play" button to view the instructions, and the "Guided play" button to start playing with a brief review of the instructions. To play, kids tap two cards that show equivalent fractions. If the cards are a match, they disappear and kids earn points. Then, other cards become available for matching, and gameplay continues from there. Kids can earn extra points for making two or more matches in a row, and earn the greatest number of points for clearing the board. The game ends when no more matches can be made.

This app gives kids an opportunity to practice an important skill: The numerical and bar model representations on each card can help kids identify fractions that are equivalent, and it's useful that they can drag the cards to view them side by side. Kids work with a variety of fractions including halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths, and twelfths. All that being said, there's limited instruction and limited potential for improving kids' understanding of these critical concepts. Since constructive feedback isn't offered, the app is best suited for kids who have a good grasp of the concept and just need a brief review. The game doesn't progress in difficulty as kids play and there aren't any options for selecting a challenge level, which limits the learning potential.

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It's fun to play a round or two, but there's no variety in the gameplay. Kids can't keep track of their scores and don't earn prizes, so they may lose interest quickly.


Cards have both numerical and bar model representations, which helps kids visualize fractions. The game doesn't have leveling or learning progression, and feedback isn't offered.


A narrated and animated tutorial teaches kids how to play the game. Progress can't be viewed or saved.

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