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Submitted September 27, 2021
Lisa T.
Chartiers Valley High School
Bridgeville, United States
Submitted April 30, 2019
Michelle T.
Xavier University
Cincinnati, United States
Submitted April 8, 2018
Brittney D.
Xavier University
Cincinnati, United States
Submitted April 7, 2018
Brittany B.
Xavier University
Cincinnati, United States
Submitted April 5, 2018
Lashonda G.
Freeport High School
Freeport, United States
Submitted January 11, 2018
Sassa W.
Cabell Midland High School
Ona, United States
Jackie P.
P.S. 16 John J Driscoll
Staten Island, United States
Ryan B.
Bert Corona Charter School
Pacoima, United States
Pat D.
Falcon Creek Middle School
Aurora, United States
Submitted December 26, 2014
Debbie B.
San Diego County Office Of Education
San Diego, United States
Submitted November 11, 2014
Craig R.
Dorseyville Middle School
Pittsburgh, United States
Bobbi G.
Santa Fe South Charter High School
Oklahoma City, United States
Submitted October 21, 2014
Janice L A.
Grosse Pointe South High School
Grosse Pointe Farms, United States
Submitted August 28, 2014
Jaclyn C.
Submitted August 22, 2014
Jeremy B.
Thomas M. Ryan Intermediate School
Richland, United States
Submitted July 25, 2014
Submitted July 16, 2014
Submitted May 15, 2014
Patricia S.
UFT Teacher Center
New York, United States
Submitted April 24, 2014
Students Liked It95%
Students Learned93%