Teacher Review for Evernote

This is an amazing tool for keeping conference notes, observations, and checklists for student assessment . In addition this app is great for collecting evidence of student writing and work products. I use it as a digital portfolio.

Classroom teacher
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How I Use It
I am a Kindergarten teacher and I use this app daily. I create a separate notebook for each child in my class each year. I then use it during my daily conferences to keep track of where the student is at and noting what they have done well and what they need work on. I keep track of their individual goals for reading, writing and math here as well. I then create checklist of individual lessons and units and copy them into each child's notebook so during student work time and conferences I can open up the checklist and keep track of their progress. In addition I snap photos of student work and attach it to the note, so I can have student samples and evidence. I then share the notes periodically with parents by emailing them directly from the note while its open. I also use it during parent teacher conference time to show parents their child's work. I have a separate notebook for each subject area that I keep blank checklists for each unit or lesson I create so I can use it again the next year saving me time from re-creating a checklist. Additionally, I use it during my share portion of the workshop. I project student work on the smart board with my iPad so everyone can clearly see the writing piece we are discussing. I use the skitch portion of Evernote to work with students on editing a picture of their work using the ipad or during guided practice. Ex. I may be working with a child on how to draw a person and together we step by step draw one in Skitch on the Ipad using their finger. Ex. Using a photo of student work in skitch we can edit their work by adding punctation using their finger or tablet pen. The kids love using the ipad to fix up their work and it keeps them engaged in work they usually avoid "editing" .
My Take
Evernote is a great app for creating digital portfolios of student work and assessments. As teachers it is important that we collect data through informal and formal assessments. This tool allows teachers to keep track of conference notes, daily observations, create checklists for lesson and unit goals without all the heavy papers, binders, folders and notebooks. In addition it can be used to collect student writing samples and other work samples to share with parents through email or recall back to during parent teacher conferences. It allows all of the information we gather on students to be in one place and then accessed on the iPad, iPhone or mac book. Cons: It would be great if skitch integration could be improved. If you open skitch in a note it should automatically attach to that note.