Teacher Review for Evernote

Reading Running Records Made Easier

Kelly K.
Classroom teacher
Oxford Elementary School (Oxford, ME)
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How I Use It
Finding the time in class to complete Running Records and manage the rest of the class at the same time is a challenge for many teachers. Evernote's audio recording and filing has enabled me to give an ipad with the App to the students and let record their snippet of reading in under 2 minutes, while keeping an eye on the rest of the class. I can listen and score their fluency later, and have all the files in folders so students can hear their improvement later on. For MY purposes, it is wonderful. It is not something I would allow 5th and 6th grade students to access independently, as I believe that they would too easily be able to access each others' work, and also too easily accidentally delete a file. For me, it is wonderful that the app is automatically connected to the website, as I can record on classroom ipads and then go home to work on my computer.
My Take
I haven't utilized all the possibilities of Evernote as of yet, but for quick recordings of students reading aloud and keeping those files for reference later, Evernote has been perfect. It is very user friendly for first take, but as I am getting ready to do a second round, I am having trouble with creating individual folders on the app for each student (I have a total of 42, between two classes.). Additionally, as I create more folders to place each audio note into, I am making it more difficult for students to access independently.