Teacher Review for eSpark

Great online resource which allows differentiation to meet students needs. Actively engages students in a fun and exciting way while boosting their education.

My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
Great for Further application
Small group
Student-driven work
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
Low literacy
How I Use It
I used eSpark during Daily 5 in my ELA block as well as a small group station in Math 3. I was able to assign specific skills to students and throughout the game they would answer questions specific to the skill I assigned. Once they were done, I was able to go back in and look at reports that showed me which kids were proficient and which students needed more practice. I was able to push students who were learning at a higher level and assign skills that my lower level learners needed to be successful. I then used the data to help make my skills groups for Daily 5. After the COVID-19 closures, I used eSpark as a way to assign extra practice on skills we had already learned in order to keep them fresh in students minds.
My Take
I absolutely love eSPark and will continue to use it in my classroom to support my students in Daily 5 and Math 3. It is a great resource for students because it is so engaging and students work towards a goal. I really liked how easy it was for my students to navigate and how well it held their attention and they continued to want to play throughout the year. I was able to look at student data daily and make changes to my small group instruction to meet the needs of all of my students. It was a great tool to use to make my reading groups and specify a certain skill that those groups needed to master in order to become great readers! I also used eSpark during my Math 3 rotations and was able to set up assignments that allowed for extra practice over a new concept that was taught that week. Students worked independently in small groups and when they were on Math with Technology they quickly signed on to eSpark and completed the assignment. Again, I looked at the reports to target skills that my students needed to master. Using the data from eSpark made me a better teacher as I was analyzing data more often and driving instruction to meet individual student needs. It was much harder to use as students were learning from home during the COVID-19 closures, but I still had about 50% of my kids sign on almost every day.