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Dragon Shapes - Lumio Geometry Challenge (Full Version)
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Dragon Shapes - Lumio Geometry Challenge (Full Version)

Boost critical-thinking skills with fun tangram puzzles

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Pros: Colorful puzzles promote early geometry, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

Cons: Lacks a system for tracking student progress.

Bottom Line: This engaging tool teaches younger kids about shapes and their attributes while building spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills.

It should be easy to use Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge in the classroom, although if you do, you'll need to use your own method for tracking progress. The game would work well as an exploration tool during a geometry unit. As kids learn about shapes, have them complete a level on their own. Then discuss the level as a class, making a group list of shape attributes as part of the discussion. Challenge kids to create their own tangram puzzles to share with their classmates. 

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Tangram puzzles are powerful math tools that help kids develop an array of essential geometry skills. Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge puts these puzzles at kids' fingertips. The game begins with a story about rescuing a dragon, and each level introduces a new chapter of the story. Kids are given tangram-style puzzles to complete, which can be done by dragging shapes and rotating them to fit the puzzle. The game includes four levels and a total of 50 puzzles. Kids have to finish a puzzle before moving on to the next one, and they're provided with essential vocabulary and other information before starting the puzzles. Kids aren't penalized for repeated attempts, and can access hints along the way. An adult section provides information about the game's educational goals, settings, and privacy policy. 

Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge is a set of interactive puzzles that teaches kids early geometry concepts while touching on some important Common Core math standards. As they work on tangram-style puzzles, kids learn attributes of shapes, including triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, trapezoids, pentagons, and rhombi. The puzzles help kids develop spatial awareness and an understanding of geometric relationships. In Level 1, for example, kids have to rotate triangles to form squares. This reinforces the idea that moving shapes doesn't change their attributes, and that small shapes can form larger composite shapes. Kids also learn about right angles and parallel and perpendicular sides. The puzzles are an exciting and interactive way for kids to build strong geometry and problem-solving skills. 

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Colorful puzzles challenge and engage kids as they work to save the village dragon. 


Tangram-style puzzles promote learning beyond basic geometry concepts. Kids build spatial awareness and problem-solving skills. Puzzles increase in difficulty as kids progress through the four levels. 


Kids get plenty of encouragement, and they can access hints as they play.

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Callie A. , Classroom teacher
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Great app for learning shapes, but it times you.
I think it is great for learning how shapes can be manipulated, works with fine motor skills.
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