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Curious About Me
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Curious About Me

Kids co-star with Curious George in their own easy-to-make movies

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Pros: Multiple student profiles make this a great choice for one- or few-iPad classrooms.

Cons: Following the steps to create a movie is time-consuming.

Bottom Line: Offers a fun way for kids to learn about themselves and develop language skills while being creative.

Creating movies about themselves to show their classmates could make an excellent beginning-of-year project for kids. Alternatively, teachers could have a "student of the week" who creates a movie to show the class. Older kids or students needing more of a challenge could create a Curious About Me movie about a character from a piece of literature.

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Curious About Me features kids' favorite monkey in stories they help create. To make a movie, kids choose from two story options: "Curious About Me with Curious George" or "A Day at the Zoo with Curious George." They then follow verbal instructions to take photos of themselves, their family, friends, and pets; record audio and video; and/or create their own art. The movie seamlessly incorporates kids' contributions into the stories, which are automatically saved in-app and can be opened to make changes or saved to the camera roll. The Man in the Yellow Hat narrates, letting kids know that "George is so curious to find out all about you."

Curious About Me lets kids create stories with a beloved character about the person they know best -- themselves! Multiple kids can create movies, and several movies can be saved in-app, so it works wonderfully in a one- or few-iPad classroom. Alhough only two story theme options are provided, kids can change their responses to the prompts to change the stories. Verbal instructions are easy to follow, so emerging readers can set out to snap pictures, shoot video, color, and more with minimal adult intervention (athough they may need help locating where they live on the map). Movies play impressively well, with kids' contributions fitting in seamlessly, although they do take up quite a bit of storage space on a device, especially as more kids add movies. Kids personalize it all -- taking pictures of their family and home -- and as the Man with the Yellow Hat interjects, "every family is different." It'd be nice to have a few more story themes, but what's included will delight kids as they produce movies they'll be proud to share.

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What do kids love more than movies featuring favorite characters? Movies about themselves! Step-by-step instructions walk kids through the process as they seamlessly add their contributions.


As kids follow each step of the creation process, they'll think critically and creatively and see their ideas come to life in the story -- from the butterflies they color to pictures of their family and of favorite things to do.


Kids can create as many stories as they'd like, and multiple users can set up their own profiles. Since instructions are given verbally, non-readers can easily make movies.

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Amanda Bindel Classroom teacher

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