Updated December 2016
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46%| Warning Expert evaluation by Common Sense
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Communication & Collaboration, Character & SEL

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Melissa D. , Other
Orchard Elementary School
North Salt Lake, United States
CoughDrop gave my non-verbal student a voice
As an augmentative communication app I think CoughDrop is in a class of its own. The program can run on just about any type of device and since it is cloud-based the account information is saved in the cloud rather than on a single device. You can then access the account from just about any device and the speech boards and buttons are exactly the same. We loved using the app, and it was a big help to my student who had been quiet and withdrawn but became engaged and excited. I credit CoughDrop for a ...
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Data Safety
How safe is this product?
Unclear whether this product supports interactions between trusted users.
Unclear whether personal information can be displayed publicly.
Unclear whether user-created content is filtered for personal information before being made publicly visible.
Data Rights
What rights do I have to the data?
Users can create or upload content.
Unclear whether this product provides processes to access and review user data.
Processes to modify data are available for authorized users.
Ads & Tracking
Are there advertisements or tracking?
Personal information is not shared for third-party marketing.
Traditional or contextual advertisements are displayed.
Unclear whether this product displays personalised advertising.

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