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Code Karts - Pre-coding Logic
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Code Karts - Pre-coding logic

Race into coding with fun, varied puzzles, but no teacher supports

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Pros: Engaging premise and block system make complex coding concepts a bit more accessible.

Cons: No constructive feedback for students when they struggle; no teacher tools.

Bottom Line: Block-based coding puzzles provide a fun, surface-level intro for some; others will still need lots of additional teacher support.

Code Karts - Pre-coding logic introduces some basic concepts necessary to understanding coding. Students use drag-and-drop command blocks to direct a race car through a track as they experiment with ever more complex ideas. A separate set of games touches on binary code, though in a very abstract way. This app works well for a technology class and helps students practice using the kinds of problem-solving skills that will be useful later if they want to actually learn to program. Because each level introduces something new, students will need to play individually on their own account. All learning happens through trial and error. Students for whom this approach doesn't work, or who get frustrated easily, will need the teacher to help make the concepts more tangible. Teachers should be aware that they can try it out for free to see if the general approach fits their students' needs. But if they plan on using the app with any regularity, they'll want to purchase the whole app. If teachers create an account with the developer, a single app purchase can include multiple user profiles.

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Race car theme, varied puzzles, and progressive challenges keep kids engaged and challenged.


Students learn through trial and error as they see which commands work to get the car to the finish line. New concepts are introduced slowly as students level up.


A basic guide introduces the learning content, and an answer key shows the correct block order for all levels. Other than seeing which level each student has reached, there are no teacher tools or ways to track progress.

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