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App review by Debbie Gorrell, Common Sense Education | Updated November 2013


Kids explore marine ecology on a fun, fact-filled jaunt to the sea

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Pros: Engaging, interactive story filled with oceans of fun science facts and terms.

Cons: No opportunity to practice comprehension of material.

Bottom Line: With clever rhymes and interactive story elements, the Cat in the Hat and friends make learning about marine ecology a splash of a good time.

Clam-I-Am! would work well as an introduction to a science unit about oceans or marine ecology. You can read the story to the class and write key words on a master glossary list, or kids can take turns reading in small groups. Since a lot of the vocabulary is advanced, you can adjust your glossary list according to kids' learning levels. Ask more advanced students to give examples of different arthropods, mollusks, echinoderms, and crustaceans. Extend the explanation of salty ocean water given in the story by teaching kids about the entire water cycle.

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Editor's Note: Clam-I-Am! is no longer listed on the developer's website. It appears to have been removed from all of the app stores where it was once available.

Clam-I-Am! is a fact-filled ebook that teaches kids about marine ecology. The ebook has two reading options: Read to Me and Read it Myself. In the Read to Me option, words are highlighted as they're spoken, which helps kids learn and practice reading skills. In both reading options, kids can tap bolded words to learn their definitions and tap pictures to hear and see the pictures with labels. Kids can record their own voices while reading the story, which gives them an opportunity to practice speech and language development.

Clam-I-Am! provides kids with lots of information about marine ecology and related science topics. Kids learn about groups of animals like mollusks, crustaceans, and echinoderms by tapping bolded words within the story. Pictures and basic animations teach kids about tides, the color of the ocean, why the ocean is salty, and what causes waves. Kids can tap pictures throughout the story to hear and see the pictures with labels. Many of the words and definitions are a bit advanced for early readers, however, and some might become overwhelmed by the amount of information.

Unfortunately, the ebook doesn't include opportunities for kids to practice or review what they've learned. Adding some interactive activities and a glossary of terms would enhance the overall learning experience.

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Kids will enjoy tapping pictures and words throughout the story as they learn fascinating facts about the sea. Ocean sound effects and fun music bring the story to life. 


The story is packed with vocabulary kids can learn by tapping bolded words. Features like highlighted text and two reading options support early literacy. 


Navigation is fairly easy, and kids can move through the story by turning pages or choosing a particular page to view. An interactive glossary and a method to assess learning would be welcome additions. 

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Fabulous Interactive ebook...Rich in content and interest!
This ebook would be a great addition to any teacher's classroom library. There are several options for differentiation depending on the reading level of your students. Even though a student can choose "read it myself," the ebook still allows the user to tap any word if he or she struggles with any part of it. This ebook also allows the user to tap anywhere on the screen to identifies any object, which is a good feature for ELL students or early readers. One of my favorite features of this ebook is t ...
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