Teacher Review for Bugs and Buttons 2

Visually beautiful app that needs some tweaks

Ellen P.
Classroom teacher
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How I Use It
There are 18 different games that can be used for different purposes. I use "Pond Jumper", "Bug Crossing" and "Defender" as fine motor strengthening games. I also use the game "Guess What?" to reinforce shape names and "letter tank" to reinforce alphabetic order. I have had success with the app for these purposes. However, I often battle students to stay in the app because it starts out too simple.
My Take
I love this app. It's beautiful and has some great content. The instructions are great. I use it as an introduction to iPads for students who lack iPad experience and for children who need some fine motor strengthening. The game "pond jumper" is very challenging and fun for children with these needs. But most of my students don't like the app as much as I do. They lose interest quickly. The app starts each game at the most basic level and students must work through the low levels to get to the higher ones. Unfortunately they lose interest before this happens. This app would be fantastic if it had settings that could be modified for student needs. The higher levels are fun and I think the children would like them if they could stay engaged long enough.