Teacher Review for Brainscape - Smart Flashcards

Brainscape vs. Quizlet

My Rating
Learning Scores
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Homework
Knowledge gain
Great with General
How I Use It
Brainscape is a free (with an option for premium like most flashcard tools) application and associated website that allows the user to create and share flashcards, as well as use other user’s flashcards sets. I tested out the application version and I find this application to be useful.
My Take
Due to my default application for quiz sets being Quizlet, I will be comparing this application to Quizlet. In Brainscape, the creation process for flashcards is a little less intuitive than Quizlet. However, I like the feature in Brainscape that allows you rate your knowledge of the card, allowing it to be shuffled more frequently or less frequently in the deck. I also like the content on Brainscape better than Quizlet. For example, I’m currently studying for the CSET, and trying to look for free study material that reflects the content of the tests. After looking at the sample questions online, the sets on Quizlet weren’t helpful to me, as they gave simple definitions and concepts for the CSET when the questions appeared to be much harder. After a few seconds searching on Brainscape, I found a set where the flashcards were set up as multiple choice questions, a much better reflection of the content of the CSET. However, Brainscape does not have the learn feature that Quizlet has, which, even if it is a simple memorize and write interface, helps drill the concept into my brain better because it’s interactive. As an instructor, I can see using Brainscape more than Quizlet for learning, as I think it would be super easy to create a class and assign flashcards for students. However, I think this application would be more of a studying tool and cannot transform into the upper echelons of the SAMR framework. This is a technological study aid, and should be used outside of the classroom. It’s a building block for basic knowledge that can eventually segue into a higher understanding, but that segue cannot be made using this technology alone.