App review by Stacy Zeiger, Common Sense Education | Updated March 2014
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Use the Cloud to save, organize, access, and share files from anywhere

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Pros: Features allow saving, organizing, sharing, and presenting many different types of files.

Cons: Many features require users to log in online, rather than work through the app.

Bottom Line: A little difficult to navigate, but offers a solid Cloud storage and organization solution for teachers and students.

Teachers can use Box to help students become more organized. Instead of rifling through notebooks or looking for key files on multiple flash drives, teachers can have students save their work through their Box accounts. Teachers can also add files, such as rubrics and assignment outlines, to their own Box accounts and share them with students. Students could also share papers and projects with teachers through Box, helping transition to a paperless classroom.

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Similar to other Cloud storage and file organization programs, Box opens with a list of files and folders currently saved to a user’s account. Users can read those files within the app, share them through email, or use them in connection with one of the many partner apps. Although most files must be created within another app or on a computer, users have the option of taking photos and videos to add directly to the app.

When it comes time to get organized, files can easily be sorted into new folders, and users can add comments to remind them what the files contain or to keep track of changes they’ve made. After logging into the online or computer-based Box application, users can also add tags to documents to make them easier to find. A host of other features exist through the online and computer-based versions of the app that don't exist on the tablet and smartphone versions.

Box’s design appeals not only to students, but also to professionals and businesses. As a result, its educational benefits may not seem clear immediately. By using the features found within the app, however, students can build their note-taking and organization skills. By designating certain files to be available when they're not connected to the Internet, they'll always have access to files, even when they're offline. This helps ensure that students come to class prepared -- and head home prepared as well. The ability to take photos and record videos to add directly to the app also ensures that students can document and save information right away. This could prove helpful for photographing a homework assignment rather than rushing to scribble it down, or for taking videos to add to a school project.

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Professional design and limited creative functions may fail to hook kids, but it navigates easily.


Allows users to upload multiple file types and organize them in different ways.


Guides users through features, offers suggestions for use, and connects with other apps to extend its use.

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Stacy Zeiger Homeschooling parent

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