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Beck And Bo
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Beck and Bo

Drag-and-drop adventure great for learning new words in context

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Pros: Imaginative play and a simple design engage kids and cleverly introduce new words.

Cons: Twelve levels of play may not take long, even for a toddler.

Bottom Line: Your wee one will enjoy animating Beck and Bo's world while developing creativity and logic.

Beck and Bo encourages exploration and teaches cause and effect. Ask questions along the way to see what kids are taking away from the experience. Encourage toddlers and preschoolers to practice dragging and dropping objects to see what happens. Some objects need to be placed correctly for things to happen. For example, on a city street with lots of vehicles, kids need to move the stoplight on top of the pole and then tap it to turn it green before the vehicles start to move.


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Toddlers will delight in Beck and Bo by Avokiddo as they control a little boy and girl who go on adventures separately and together. Kids can make Beck go down a slide at the park or put them both to bed in their room. In each themed scene, items drop into the world, and kids drag and drop the items wherever they want. Kids can view the written word for each item and hear it pronounced. Many scenes are animated, so kids see clouds move through the sky or a cat peek out of a window. 

Unlike the many preschool apps that focus on memorizing the ABCs and 123s, Beck and Bo develops creativity and logic. It also develops vocabulary that occurs in the real world. For instance, Beck and Bo go for a walk along a city street or to the market. They play at the beach, at a lake, in the snow, around the backyard, and, of course, at the park. They even go on a safari, attend a carnival, and travel on a train. One scene is all about going to bed.

Scenes are beautifully drawn and invite exploration -- just right for little ones. When kids complete a level, it's marked with a star and kids get rewarded with a little victory song and an animation. Levels can be replayed, but that star can be a source of true delight for a child feeling accomplishment.

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Beck and Bo go lots of interesting places -- some familiar, some exciting and new. The simple graphics draw kids into scenes. It's easy and satisfying to drag and drop objects -- and sometimes, things happen.


Imagination and language skills were obviously a priority for developers. Kids learn logic, cause and effect, and even new words.


The interface is intuitive. Completed levels are tracked with a star, which can prove delightful for toddlers and preschoolers.

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Very Interactive
This website allows students to control a little boy and girl who go on adventures separately and together. Kids have the option to make the characters do whatever activities they want. In each themed scene, items drop into the world, and kids drag and drop the items wherever they want. They are introduced to new vocabulary words and can hear them be pronounced as well as interact with the word. This website is very animated and is great for visual learners.
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