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Arloon Geometry
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Arloon Geometry

Cool exploration features, so-so quizzes teach kids about shapes

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Pros: "Augmented reality" features and cool exploration tools make it easy for kids to learn a lot about 3-D and 2-D shapes.

Cons: Kids don't get feedback for incorrect answers, and progress can't be saved.

Bottom Line: A nice way for kids to interactively explore three-dimensional shapes, but built-in quizzes have limited impact.

Arloon Geometry can serve as an assessment tool as well as a supplement to classroom lessons. Before formally introducing a shape or group of shapes, have kids work solo or in small groups to explore them using the app. Have kids record the shapes' characteristics on paper or in another app on the device. Then, as an assessment or reinforcement after a lesson, have kids work individually to complete the exercises. Make sure the exercises are customized to meet your lesson objectives.

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Arloon Geometry is a cleanly designed, easy-to-navigate tool for learning about shapes and geometry. Kids can choose from two options: Learn or Exercises. Kids select Learn to explore shapes, which are organized into categories based on their attributes. Once kids tap on a category, they choose a shape to learn its defining attributes, and, when applicable, watch it unfold into a two-dimensional shape, learn formulas for finding its area and volume, and use the augmented reality feature to find everyday objects that have that particular shape. There's also an icon that kids can tap to learn fun facts about each shape. Kids select Exercises to assess what they've learned. Options include Guess (which hopefully aren't really guesses!), True/False, and Calculation. Each quiz can be customized based on category of shapes, properties, time allowed for assessment, number of exercises, and number of characteristics. Feedback is minimal, and kids' scores are only tracked as they are working on the exercises. In-app languages include English and Spanish.

Kids can work at their own pace and focus their efforts on as many or as few of the available shapes as they wish. They can learn about prisms, regular polyhedrons, solids of revolution, and pyramids. For each shape, kids can learn about its attributes (including number of vertices, edges, and faces) and rotate the shape to view it from all angles. Most shapes can also be unfolded into flat figures, allowing kids to visualize the two-dimensional shapes that make up the three-dimensional shapes. Kids also learn the formulas for area and volume, and then apply these formulas in the assessment exercises. The augmented reality feature lets kids use the device to identify everyday objects' geometric shapes, and it's a cool way for kids to instantly apply what they've learned. 

The main area for improvement would be the assessments: It would great if kids could get feedback for their incorrect answers and if their progress were tracked over multiple sessions with the app. Those small improvements would increase the app's learning potential and make it even more useful for teachers and students alike.

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Kids will like rotating the shapes and using the augmented reality feature. Some more colorful graphics and better zooming and scaling features could extend engagement.


Kids have the ability to learn and then assess what they learned. Exercises are customizable, and it would be great to see better feedback and difficulty settings.


The developer has active social media sites and a newsletter that includes news about events, promotions, and more. English and Spanish are supported.

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