Teacher Review for Algebra Touch

Great free algebra tool!

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My Subjects Math
My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Individual
Knowledge gain
Great with General
Low literacy
How I Use It
Overall I liked Algebra Touch, I thought it was a good tool for those who need to refresh their algebra skills as well as those in need of additional help with solving algebraic equations. When you open the app you are given the option to interact with equations under the options of ‘Simplify,’ ‘Like terms,’ ‘Multiply then add,’ ‘Factors,’ ‘Elimination,’ ‘Equations,’ ‘Distribution,’ ‘Exponents,’ and ‘Create Your Own.’ In each selection, you are able to solve equations specifically centered around their header. I thought it was a good app because it gives a lot of practice with specific little pieces of algebra equations helping to break down these equations and only having to focus on a smaller part and not every aspect that might be involved. There are also two levels of difficultly so once you master enough you move onto harder one so it has something for students at different levels of understanding.
My Take
I liked this app! This app also falls under the Modification level on the SAMR guide. This is because Algebra Touch allows for technology for significant task redesign. This app is able to achieve this by focusing on smaller pieces and accomplishes more focused practice for the student. Another highlight of this app is that it is free (not $2.99 like indicated in the other reviews) to download so it a great feel to use as additional practice in and outside of the classroom. Therefore, this app provides helpful practice for students to understand and sharpen their algebra skills. I would recommend this app.