Digital Citizenship Week

Digital Citizenship Week 2021 is October 18–22. New K–12 activities are coming for the 2021–2022 school year!

What Is Digital Citizenship?

Watch our quick video to learn more about how digital citizenship is something we can all practice and participate in every day.

Common Sense Education Events

Common Sense Education Events

Check out our virtual events to gain valuable insights about digital citizenship, distance learning, and more!

Activities for Digital Citizenship Week

K-5 Activities

Activities for Elementary School (Ages 5–11)

Sing songs with the Digital Citizen characters to engage K–2 learners. Use videos and interactive games from Digital Passport™ to get students in grades 3–5 talking about how to stand up to cyberbullying, protect online privacy, create media balance in their lives, and more. Whether you have five minutes or 45 minutes, there's an activity to help all students be safe and responsible digital citizens.

6-8 Activities

Activities for Middle School (Ages 11–14)

Get students engaged by hearing from other teens in our videos, exploring decision-making behavior in a Digital Compass™ game, or trying out a social media simulation in a Social Media TestDrive game. There are lots of options to get students thinking about their role as a digital citizen each and every day.

9-12 Activities

Activities for High School (Ages 14–18)

Help high school students explore their place as a digital citizen in the world. Show one of our Teen Voices videos or an Above the Noise video (co-produced with KQED) to get students talking about digital dilemmas they face with screen time, online privacy, bullying, hate speech, and navigating misinformation. Challenge students to be the change they want to see by creating a more kind, just, and fair digital world.

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