Teacher Review for Brain Cafe GeoQuiz

Easy to use app and while there are categories for the quizzes it is so widespread it would be hard to tie it all with classroom content.

Elizabeth H.
Classroom teacher
Arcadia High School
Phoenix, United States
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My Subjects Social Studies
My Rating
I Would Recommend It No
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Individual
Knowledge gain
Student-driven work
How I Use It
While I have not used it in my classroom, I cannot see a way that I would be able to tie it in directly with my standards. There are some questions in each of the quizzes that correlate with our state standards on World History and Geography but then there are other questions on the quiz that would not tie into what we are learning this year. It could be used as something students could do that is fun when they finish early but I would not tie it into their grade.
My Take
The app gives students immediate feedback on whether they got the answer correct or incorrect. Often times there is a brief explanation as to why and then a link to read for more information. However this does not appear every single time, I would say probably 85% of the time. I like that it is easy to use and that the feedback is immediate and they do not have to wait until they finish the entire quiz to find out if they were right or wrong and why. I do not like that the questions are so varied and there would no way for me to keep track of how my students did on each question because then at least I could only look at the questions that relate to what we are learning in class.