Teacher Review for Alge-Bingo

Fun app for equation-solving....but watch out for click-click-clickers!!

Amanda P.
Media specialist/librarian
Grosse Pointe North High School
Grosse Pointe Woods, United States
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How I Use It
I hosted several 'math app' days in the library with 8th grade Algebra students and this one was a hit. Alge-Bingo is a paid app, so I made sure that the 10 iPad minis I had in the library were loaded and ready to go for student use. Several students who brought their own iPads liked it enough to spend the $.99, so that allowed for smaller groups (which was nice in classes of 30+). There are several different levels of difficulty, so differentiation is possible. I found that the best way to use the app was to do a "race" with students in small groups....all students would start at the same time on the same level and the first two to 'bingo' (with only 4 misses or so....kids could just click-click-click away to get a bingo if you're not paying attention to their actual results) would get a prize. Very fun, but not a "learning" app--more of a "drill/practice" app.
My Take
This is a fun and easy app for algebra drill and practice. In the classroom, I see it best used in small doses and in a game format--it will be up to the teacher and how he/she uses it to determine how engaging it could be. 8th grade students liked it, but I also connected a prize to winners (Starburst candy is my favorite), so that probably helped :) I don't think it would be an app they'd go out and do on their own in their free time!